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Hip Hip fucking Hooray!

Ahhh, so it has been almost another year since I've posted anything from my life on here. So what's new? Well, Finally graduated from The Art Institute--- Yep, you're looking at a college graduate here! Hip-Hip fucking Hooray!!! I'm a certified Graphic Designer, I even have my own website on-line. I still Freelance for TravelAge West Magazine, and I freelance for the city of Santa Monica designing T.V. bulletins. I finally bought my own car--- it's a shit box, but it takes me from A to B. I fell for my "Boy" and we've been together since the latest post. It's safe to say that I'm going to keep this one. I still live at home and I don't mind it at all, although I do plan to move out sometime, i've been looking at places in the city most of them are expensive as hell, so it'll be a while. From then on, I have just been living life, enjoying my time--- seeking new inspiration, catching-up with my projects and old friends. Until the next post...


It's been a fucking long ass time, but i think I'll give it another go. It's 2012, and nothing much has happen since the last post. except that:
- 22 years old
- Graduated with my BA in Graphic Design
- Still no car
- Jobless but Freelancing
- Still live with Parents
- Oh, and the "boy" stuck around amazingly enough.

Life has it's moments, just got to keep going and hope for the best, I'm going keep an open mind for what ever, and try less to stress. Hey, I'm just started to live now that I'm done with the whole school things and starting the real world stuff. Here's to a new year, till the next post.

So it's been a while again...

I'ts been a  while again, posting these things is weird and i usually can't so-called "express" my self through words, and actually typing shit that goes around. Things are going smooth for the most part, a boy that seems to be different from others, i think i'm going to let him stick around for a while, who knows. what else?...

its another one of those days

this morning everybody in my house left, its Saturday, wtf, well i guess im the only one with nothing better to do, so i get left home by my self taking care/ watching over my grandma, which is really irritating. especially when she is very stubborn about not sitting or laying down doesn't want  to relax or not do anything. Don't get me wrong i lover her very dearly but sometimes i just want to give her sleep meds so she can just fall asleep for the day. its to the point where she thinks the people in the tv are real, and are watching her through the screen, so she's created a fear for television. she cooks,wraps food, and hides them thinking people are going to be coming over. gah!, i feel i like im just whining, but if u had to endure this you'd be annoyed too.
I'm almost done with my associates , going graduate soon, but i will be going back for my bachelors, two years have gone by real quick. im pretty excited on what else is in my way  this year, i hope no drama, I've had enough of that for the pass year. Why is it all of a sudden finding me in the most random places? so far so chill.

almost a year

 wow. i can't believe its it almost a year since i been in  college, it came a just a little too  fast. time sure does fly when your preoccupied with the college life. i have one more year till i graduate and i bet it's going to go, probably be even faster. wish me luck world, i'm going to dominate society.

just a little update on college life...

 Well finally started my third quarater in college last week. my schedule this quarter is way,....i mean WAY better than last quarter. i only have class three times a week and only four classes. yeah, they're in the morning, but the earlier, the sooner i have the rest of the day to chill.  anyways,  i met up with my old friends, and surprisingly made new ones. (dudes of course). and luckily have pretty chill teachers, they are all very unique in their own way, and characteristics that no elementry,middle, or high school can compare...they have their weird moments, but hey its an art school......=P 

man slut...

yep, i think I'm turning into one of those...


out on a date... make out...few days later no message, next day he is in a relationship?

well im back after like forever.!

yeh it been a while since i got to write in this thing. nuthn much has changed for me beside i got older and not any younger, just started college in the summer, current graphic design major, and meeting cool people left and right, staring to get out of my house and actually going places, in and out of relationships, and getting my life together here. but so far its been blissful for the most part. i have no regrets nor complaints , and plan to keep it that way. making new friends and hopefully not losing any. so on and on it goes starting a new chapter in meh lil life, <3